Advanced Software, Inc.

Advanced  Software was founded in 1991 by the current President, Joseph Hentz. Joseph  used his extensive knowledge of ERP Systems and packaging to design a dynamic  system that would address the job shop needs of the box business as well as the  ERP requirements of larger packaging plants. Today, ASI supports packaging  plants producing corrugated boxes, folding cartons, foam fabrication, point of  purchase displays, assembled partitions, die cuts, paperboard products, as well  as distribution of packaging supplies. The software addresses the needs of each  industry with custom written programs that are both comprehensive and easy to  use while automating the entire office, plant and supply chain via a tightly  integrated system.

Advantzware provides a flexible and comprehensive design  that streamlines the data entry to the specific industry. In just a few  minutes, you can add an estimate and email a quote, then convert a quote into  an order which simultaneously creates a finished good item, increases customer  account balances, allocates inventory levels and updates the scheduling board.  Then, with a few clicks you can email an order acknowledgment, print the shop  ticket, create a purchase order for board and print the packing list to  generate the bill of lading. Vendor tags for materials receipts are scanned and  issued to work in progress and shop floor data posts machine hours to the job  cost system in real time. Once finished goods are completed, bar coded pallet  tags are scanned and added to the delivery tickets. Once signed and verified,  an invoice is printed which updates accounts receivable, general ledger and  inventory. Throughout the entire process, management has real time visibility  of the entire company.


The technological foundation of the ASI Software named  ADVANTZWARE and ASI ANYWARE is a combination of the Progress 4GL fourth generation  relational database combined with Microsoft .Net and SQL. Over $8 million has  been invested over twenty years representing countless hours of research and  development specifically designed for the packaging industry. ASI Anyware  provides 24/7 internet access to the Advantzware corporate database, anywhere,  anytime via any wireless device that is connected to the internet. This  provides any outside person including employees, sales representative, and  customers with remote access to the companies data to view their customer  specific information.


Brad Vigrass, CFO and equity partner heads the service  department of ASI. His team provides service second to none. Help is provided  by a variety of methods including a user’s manual, on line help database, field  sensitive help, tips of the day emails, voice phone support, on-site training,  internet based training and customized programming. Support is performed via  voice mail and email or an ASI analyst logs into the clients computer so that  both parties are viewing the same screen. ASI is virtually in your office  controlling the same keyboard and viewing the same screen in real time, but  without the cost of air travel. The same on line approach may be used for  training or remote diagnostics in addition to general support questions.


ASI has integrated to many world renown software packages to  connect customers and vendors to the box plant. CAD-CAM data is integrated into  the cost estimate, customer orders can be received via Sterling Commerce EDI or  via ASI Anyware web software, box plant purchase orders for paperboard are sent  electronically to Corrugator Scheduling Systems, data collection can be  downloaded from plant Machines and accounting data can be uploaded to world  renown Accounting packages.


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